Marie Polakova ( marura )

Marie Polakova is an artist with special interest in collaborative projects, where different disciplines of knowledge can intersect with intuitive perception and various art approaches. She had exhibited and performed in the United Kingdom, Netherlands, Czech Republic, Finland, Austria, Spain , Chorvatia, France and Romania.

… I perceive art as a great way of finding answers to various questions that interest me. Many of them, I believe, are “universal” questions which concern every human being.
More than being a just method of research, art is a way of communication, which makes it possible to share these “answers” with other people.
Art allows me to combine knowledge of different disciplines, as well as my intuitive and emotional approach….


2011- present: MA Interface Cultures
Kunst Universitat, Linz, Austria

2005-2008: BA (Hons)Digital Screen Art.
University College of Creative Arts, Farnham, UK

2004-2005: Access to Higher Education Diploma.
Surrey Institute of Art and Design, Farnham, UK

1997-1999: Art Therapy.
Akademie Socialniho Umeni Tabor, Prague, Czech Republic

1994 -1996 Fine Art.
Stredni Umelecko – Prumyslova Skola Svate Anezky Ceske, Cesky Krumlov, Czech Republic

2007-2008: Introduction to Object Oriented Programming
University of Oxford, Department for Continuing Education, Oxford, UK

2002 – 2003 Computer Graphics
Vytvarna Skola Vaclava Hollara, Prague, Czech Republic


Passariano, Friuli-Venezia Giulia, Italy
Micro Pets

2014: LAB 30
Augsburg, Germany
Micro Pets

2014: A-EYE: An exhibition of art and nature­-inspired computation , Goldsmiths, University of London, UK

2014: Use At Your Own Risk – Bucharest, Romania
Micro Pets

2014 : Inhabited Interfaces – BB15, Linz, Austria

2013: Gamerz 09 – Aix-en-Provence , France
Micro Pets

2013: Ars Electronica – Linz, Austria
Micro Pets

2013: Afloat a BoundaryResidency and Happening aboard Eleonore Ship
Linz, Austria

2013: Enter 6 – Prague, Czech Republic
Micro Pets

2013: Metaphores – Linz, Austria
Micro Pets

2012: Device Art – Zagreb, Chorvatia

2012 : Ars Electronica – Interface Cuisine , Linz, Austria

2011 : Milarepa : Performance
Cesky Krumlov, Czech Republic ;, Linz, Austria
Poetry, music & visual performance.

2010 – 2011 : MIMODEK : Interactive – evolving and changing installation for urban public space and digital facade
Medialab-Prado, Madrid, Spain

2011 : MIMODEK : Exhibition/festival : Enter5 – Biennial of Art, Science and Technology
Prague, Czech Republic

2011 : Artificial Life in Urban Landscape : Public talk: Datapolis Symposium
Prague, Czech Republic

2010 : Data Based Drawings : Exhibition : Lost in Translation
Riverside Studios, London, United Kingdom
Collective exhibition of British and Czech artists.

2010 : MIMODEK : Exhibition/ festival : International Media Facades Festival
Helsinki, Finland

2010 : MIMODEK : Exhibition/ festival : La Noche en Blanco
Madrid, Spain

2010 Grant : Las ayudas a la creación contemporánea – Matadero Madrid,
Madrid, Spain
MIMODEK was the only Digital Facade work awarded this grant.
This version of the project was further developed in collaboration with Jonathan Cremieux.

2010 : MIMODEK : International Production workshop : Open-Up
Medialab-Prado, Madrid, Spain
MIMODEK project proposal was selected by Medialab-Prado for development during this workshop together with a team of collaborators.

2008 Collision : Performance
Area10, London, United Kingdom
Real-time digital / analog visuals created with use of software I developed. Arranged for sound by Nos Phillipe.In collaboration with Yui Hamagashira

2008 : The Immersion : Performance
The Flea Pit“, London, United Kingdom
Real-time digital / analog visuals created with use of software that I developed. Arranged for music by Grohs.
In collaboration with Nanouche Orianno.

2008 : Earth On Heaven : International Production workshop :2nd Inclusiva Net ,Medialab-Prado, Madrid, Spain
Earth on Heaven project proposal was selected for development during this workshop.Prototype was exhibited at Medialab-Prado.

2007 : Artificial Symbiont : Exhibition : Aeonscope – architecture of the future
Casa Vertigo TU/e, Eindhoven, Holland
Interactive installation, illustrating principles of modular, interactive architecture.
Based on concepts of architect Zbynek Krulich.

2004 : Look-In : Artist Residency & Exhibition : Open Studio
Prague, Czech Republic
3 month artist residency resulting in an exhibition. Explored the theme of searching for the new dimensions
of well known things.

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