Work in Progress.

Together with Veselina Dashinova.
Created at Interface Cultures Lab in collaboration with Jan Spurny.
Thanks for support to Ars Electronica Bio Lab, Linz, Austria.

Have you ever thought that microscopic organisms could be something more then a
scientific specimen or feared disease? Something you could care for and even grow to
Micro Pets project is looking into the unthinkable, considering microbes of infinitesimal size as endearing and captivating creatures – as playful companions with personality and charm!
Building on the practical and conceptual research, the aim is to design suitable Nano toys for such creatures together with Micro Pet Lifestyle Accessories. The toys and accessories will be specially suited to the particular behavior and needs of each Microorganism group.

PS: The nano toys designs are currently a concept. Not real objects have been developed so far. If you find this idea intriguing and have resources and skills that could help to make such vision a reality, please don’t hesitate to contact us! We are looking for possible collaborations!

Our first design : Nano-Jumpee – a nano throwing and bouncing ball especially designed for amoebae playtime!

Tardigrade (Waterbear) enjoying its new playground

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Impressions of worlds in drops of water
Installation at Ars Electronica 2013 – Micro Pets are viewed through especially adjusted microscope.



, Aix-en-Provence, France

Ars Electronica – Use at Yur Own Risk!

Linz, Austria
Sujet IC at Ars Electronica Festival
Interview about Interface Cultures Exhibition at Dorf TV (Austria)

Enter 6

Prague, Czech Republic


Linz, Austria

2 Responses to “MICRO PETS”

  1. it’s not a waterbear…. but a rotifer on that picture. but also cute 🙂

    • I thought it’ not a waterbear after I seen some 😉 But the biologist I worked with was very convinced it is one..now we know littke sweet rotifer 😉 and waterbears you gave me are really exceptionally cute! (pictures/animation coming soon!)

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