Poetry, music & visual performance loosely inspired by the ancient Buddhist legend of Milarepa.
…The story of a journey from despair to understanding, from black magic to enlightenment…

The poetry & music written and performed by Marek Borsanyi is accompanied by under camera manipulations (Or shall we rather call it magic?) created during the performance by Nanouche Oriano. Which is, in the crucible of Marie Polakova’s custom made software, blended with previously filmed moving images & puppet animation footage and enriched by a pinch of sound responsive effects. The result is a seamless, dream-like journey of poetry, music and visual imagery. And even though the performance is carefully prepared, it is never the same. It is always an experiment, with surprises to come for performers and audiences alike.

As someone from the audience said once:„….an alchemy” ….“


Music & poetry : Marek Borsanyi
Under camera manipulations : Nanouche Oriano
Custom made software & visual mixing : Marie Polakova
Video footage : Marek & Nanouche & Marie
Puppets: Marek & Nanouche


31/8/2011 Dorf TV, Linz (Austria)

27/8/2011 Zlata Koruna (Czech Republic)

26/8/2011 Penikov (Czech Republic)

10/07/2011 Cesky Krumlov, at “U Krumose” as part of Ukradena Galerie (Stolen Gallery) activities.

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Photos and video from the performance in Cesky Krumlov. This show was a part of UKRADENA GALERIE (Stolen Gallery) activities.

Performance at DorfTV., Linz, Austria video — >

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