MIMODEK is an interactive and changing “living” system, which is based on the principles of the natural world yet “grows” from the fabric of the city.
Interactive and evolving installation, developed with Procesing, Java and Open Frameworks

Mimodek is a dynamic and interactive installation, based on on the the principles of the living world.
As all living systems in nature, MIMODEK reflects its own environment. It is site specific, formedby unique, location-related data sources, and by behaviour of the visitors. Every installation evolves into a unique virtual “ecosystem” reflecting its location.
MIMODEK highlights the delicate relation between human beings and their environment, and their connection to other living beings with whom they share this environment.
The project was originally developed for the low-resolution Digital Facade of Medialab-Prado, Madrid. However, it can be adapted to high resolution display settings.

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Marie Polakova & Jonathan Cremieux
Developed with the support of the Ayudas a la Creacion Contemporanea Matadero
Madrid 2010.

Device Art, Zagreb, Croatia, 10.10-14.10.2012

ENTER 5 – International Biennial of Art, Science and Technology , Prague, Czech Republic, 14-17/04/2011

Digital Facade of Medialab-Prado, Madrid, Spain, 11/2010 – 05/2011
Marie Polakova & Jonathan Cremieux & Massimo Avvisati
The development was possible thanks to generous support of Medialab-Prado,Madrid, Spain.


Digital Facade of Medialab-Prado, Madrid, Spain
La Noche en Blanco, Madrid, Spain, 11/09/2010
International Facade Festival (MFF), Helsinki, Finland, 30/08 – 05/09/2010
Marie Polakova, Jonathan Cremieux, Lali Barrière, Bruno Vianna, Liisa TervinenAbinadi Meza, Maja Kalogera
A prototype of MIMODEK was collaboratively developed during the Open Up 2010 workshop at Medialab-Prado, Madrid, Spain.
Thanks for the great support to workshop teachers ( Nerea Calvillo, Casey Reas, Chandler McWilliams, Victor Vina, Jordi Claramonte ), technical assistants( Massimo Avvisati and Chris Sugrue ) and Medialab.Thanks to PIX for helping to develop the original idea.


Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike License. , CC-GNU GPL.

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