Illustration for an article about my residency aboard Avalon Ship,Netherlands.
Versorgerin #104

The Journey of Art copy
The Big Journey of Art
Illustration the adventurous stories of the MY Art travels. At the end Art made it to her home harbour in Linz and I was one of the crew .More of the story (in German)
Eleonore Film Boudoir
2014, Schöne Eleonore’s Boudoir news paper announcement

Playful 2- catalogue illustration_small
2013, Non Playable Object, Illustration for Ars Electronica Catalogue


000 Ukradena In The Woods Map
Adventurous night walk, exhibition & concert – Maruska-Marie Polakova & Next Life Jam Orchestra – 25th February 2013 at 48.333979’N 14.268771’E
Part of Ukradena Galerie Linz activities.


2010, Mimodek Concept Drawing


2006, Interactive Postcard




Tarot Cards Installation : a proposal for Magic & Technology workshop


2011 – CONCEPT

me:me is an interactive installation that allows visitors to experience the microscopic beauty of a drop of water.

….Within every drop of water, within every single cell, there is a fascinating world. This world of sheer beauty is incredible complex yet simple at the same time. It is part of yet more complex worlds and these again are interlinked into further complex systems….



1GB REM is a reactive installation and very (very!) simple PD patch allowing us to experience the dreams of code.

… the dreams of code – reflections of the “unflat, unrectangular, and infinitely multidimensional space of pure computation” *…

Dreams can be seen as a surface reflecting various levels of the consciousness. Although wakefulness thinking has a logical structure, when it gets reflected onto the dream “projection surface” the logical structure changes into a different order, which may have its own logic but it is hardly apprehensible by the usual wakefulness thinking and describable by the language.

Installation Setup
A camera “looks” onto the computer screen and feeds back what it “sees” there.

Every visitor can influence the dream by a simple motion of the mouse,

and/or by moving the camera.

The following video and images show some of the things which can happen …

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